Dragon Wings

Naga jolokia chilies, herbs & pepper marinated chicken wings grilled & served with lime wedges

Baked Escargot

Escargot served naked baked with brandy garlic sauce

Prawn Cocktail

Fresh prawns served with shredded lettuce, sweet cherry tomatoes & cocktail sauce

Baked Portabello Mushrooms

Portabello gratined with beef bacon, onions & cheese

Black Shell Mussels

Baby mussels cooked in a spicy white wine & cream sauce served with crusty bread

Bacon Lollipops

Mozzarella wrapped beef bacon, hand battered & fried served with mustard Aioli sauce

Liver Pate

Chicken liver thyme pate served with berry jam & toast

Scotch & Devilled Eggs

Eggs wrapped with sausage meat & turkey ham paireed with cheesy devilled eggs

Garlic Toast

Fin "garlic" king good